Our passion at Mere is educating our clients and the community. We find that knowledgeable clients are the best clients. Insurance can be confusing! Too often people pay monthly for products they do not understand. Our goal is to not only simplify insurance but the process of obtaining it.

Insurance doesn't have to be boring - and really it isn't when people understand how it can positively change their future. We hope you will join us for one of our virtual and/or in-person events. Best of all - our education is never at any cost!

If you are interested in having us come to your business and educate your current or future clients or employees we would be happy to arrange that. We have partnered up with various businesses, non-profits, and even government entities to provide valuable education.

We can custom design a presentation to fit the time frame and parameters you desire. Some of our previous topics have been...

* Time to Protect Your Business

* Grow Your Real Estate Business

* Protect Your Business Partnership

* Medicare & Social Security

* The Secrets to Eliminate Your Debt that the Banks Don't Want You to Know

* Managing Student Loan Debt

* Wills vs Trusts

* Estate Planning Made Simple

* Special Needs Trusts

* How to Afford the Senior Community of Your Choice

* Debt is Heavy

* The 401k Myth

* Eliminate Your Mortgage in Under 10 Years

* and more...

Can't make it to one of our currently scheduled events?

No problem!

Call us at 904-654-5450 and we are happy to provide the education to you on a one-on-one basis.

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