Do You Have A Group Of Employees?

We are an insurance broker simplifying the process of providing your team with employee benefits.

We specialize in designing benefits for the small-group entrepreneurs who spend their days building business and running a team.

We know how complicated health insurance can be and how easy it is to be over or under-insured.

Coupling our knowledge and experience with our passion for helping others, Mere was born.

We listen to your needs, share options, and activate results. Nothing more, nothing less.

These are Mere benefits.

Why Offer Group Benefits?

  • Businesses can receive tax breaks for the contributions made to employee benefits plans. These tax implications vary by the size of your employee population, and more.
  • Offering group benefits can lower hiring costs by helping you retain and recruit talented employees.
  • Offering health coverage also reduces absenteeism and leads to happier employees that are more relaxed at their job.
  • Group benefits encourage and reward employees for leading healthy lifestyles.
  • Group purchasing power allows costs to be lower for everyone, including the business owner

Health insurance by far is the #1 most important of all employer-offered benefits (via Glassdoor)

  • 3 in 5 people report benefits being among their top considerations before accepting a new job (via Glassdoor)

  • Roughly 60% of employees say that health and wellness benefits are important for increasing loyalty to their employer (via MetLife)

Group Benefits Products

We have strategic partnerships with all the top rated carriers so you have the peace of mind that we can shop to find the product best suited to your goals and budget.

Curious to see a little more about some of our packages and get an idea of cost? Schedule a 30 minute, no cost or obligation phone consultation to better understand these product options and see if they are a good fit.

Let Us Help Your Team

There is no cost or obligation to understand what options are available to you and your team. We build a custom package based on your goals and budget. Quoting, enrollment and ongoing service to your business is never any charge. Our goal is to help your business grow! One of the best ways to do that is through offering a benefit package that highlights to your team the value you place in them.

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